Subcommittees & Task Forces

Subcommittees, Task Forces, and Reports

Periodically, CCJCC forms subcommittees to address specific criminal justice system issues. These subcommittees form the core of CCJCC-sponsored activities and projects. Established as ad hoc groups or standing policy bodies, CCJCC subcommittees develop policy implementation plans, conduct special studies, create innovative programs, and provide policy recommendations to CCJCC and the Board of Supervisors. Subcommittees have addressed areas ranging from treatment court programs to forensic sciences to the implementation of Public Safety Realignment.

CCJCC subcommittees are comprised of members from the committee’s participating agencies and organizations. Their involvement and leadership help ensure that each subcommittee has the resources and direction to accomplish its work.

Task Force on Hate Crimes Outreach and Response

Youth Diversion Subcommittee

Ad Hoc Opioid Epidemic Working Group Report

Stemming the Rise in Hate and Violence