Youth Diversion Subcommittee

In January 2017, the Board of Supervisors approved a motion by Supervisor Ridley-Thomas and Supervisor Hahn regarding a coordinated and expanded approach to youth diversion. Among other directives, the motion established an ad hoc CCJCC Youth Diversion Subcommittee tasked with developing a roadmap for scaling up youth diversion practices throughout the County.

Chaired by the Department of Public Health, the multi-sector subcommittee included members from the Probation Department; District Attorney’s Office; Juvenile Court; Public Defender’s Office; Office of Diversion and Reentry; Departments of Mental Health and Children and Family Services; Sheriff’s Department; local and school police departments; school districts; community-based organizations; and youth impacted by the justice system.

Focusing on diversion opportunities at the point of law enforcement contact, the subcommittee issued its report to the Board in October 2017.CCJCC’s Youth Diversion Subcommittee Report can be accessed at the following link:

“A Roadmap for Advancing Youth Diversion in Los Angeles County”